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Online and On Campus Apprenticeships

Professional apprenticeships for your organisation

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More and more employers are taking advantage of the substantial funding provided by the government to train apprentices. Boost your team’s skills, knowledge, performance and job satisfaction, so that your key people stay with you for longer.

Flexible blended learning

We work in partnership with Mindful Education, an edtech company that specialises in creating blended learning courses and apprenticeships for professional qualifications. Through the effective use of technology, Mindful Education delivers flexible, on-demand learning that is intuitive and engaging, enabling apprentices to fit their study around their work.

Online and On Campus

Apprentices study online lessons during allotted time at work, and also attend regular sessions with a college tutor, either in-person or virtually.

Online studies can be accessed on demand, from any device, so apprentices can log on to study during quiet periods at work. Lessons are video-based, easy to navigate and focused on helping learners to achieve their qualifications. Meanwhile, unique background analytics enable employers to track learner activity and progress.

On campus, apprentices benefit from regular classes with an experienced college tutor, either in-person or virtually. And because the key points are learnt online, apprentices attend classroom sessions about half as often as with a more traditional apprenticeship.

This flexible approach to apprenticeship training empowers learners, minimises disruption to employers, and boosts learner retention and achievement.

“We have used apprenticeships to upskill our workforce, which is where the big wins are for us as an organisation. When I first looked for an apprenticeship package, I wanted an online platform that would provide everything the apprentices needed. The flexibility in the platform and the variety of information has been really helpful. For us, the blended option will always be the preferred option, because of the flexibility it offers to all parties involved.”

Deputy HR Director at a large multi-academy trust

“We no longer need to lose our employees one day a week and they are able to do their learning anytime and anywhere.”

HR Manager for a leading vehicle manufacturer

Our Online and On Campus apprenticeships

Government funding

Employers with an annual wage bill of over £3 million are required to pay the levy at 0.5% each month. Your levy fund can then be accessed for training and assessment on approved apprenticeship schemes.

For SMEs and non-levy-paying employers, the government will fund 95% of the cost of training an apprentice. You can find more information on the government website.

Managing the off-the-job training requirement

All apprentices who are employed for over 30 hours per week must undertake a minimum average of six hours of training per week.

The Online and On Campus apprenticeship model provides greater flexibility and convenience as apprentices can log in to study during quiet periods at work. All activity is recorded and counts towards the statutory off-the-job requirement.

Our partner – Mindful Education

Mindful Education produces flexible, award-winning, blended learning courses and apprenticeships that continue to set new standards in digital education. A compelling mix of academic expertise, technology and creativity, their media-rich courses bring learning to life and achieve outstanding results. Working in partnership with hundreds of employers and training providers, Mindful Education supports thousands of learners each year, helping managers to develop their teams and grow their businesses. Visit the Mindful Education website to find out more.

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