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Birmingham Metropolitan College is governed by a Corporation consisting of members drawn from the community and operating in accordance with the Instrument and Articles of Governance laid down by Parliament for all Further Education institutions in England. Membership also includes staff and students. The College is an exempt charity for the purposes of the Charities Act 2011.

The Corporation meets at least once every term and in addition there are committees for Audit, Finance, Academic Standards & Quality Development, Governance and Search, and Remuneration Committee. All committees report their recommendations to the full Corporation for approval.

Members are appointed for up to four years but may be re-appointed for further terms. All appointments and re-appointments (other than Staff and Student Members) are considered by the Governance and Search Committee which makes recommendations to the Corporation. The composition of the Corporation needs to reflect the particular skills necessary for the effective discharge of its responsibilities and vacancies are filled through recommendations or public advertisement.

Those appointed to the Corporation (other than the College Principal) receive no payment for their services although they may claim the cost of travel or other out of pocket expenses for attendance at meetings.

All governors declare their standing interests, and these can be viewed upon request to the Company Secretary at

Find out more about the Chair and Members of the Corporation

Click here to view our Corporate Policies & Procedures

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