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Enterprising BMet business students join board of influential consortium of employers

Four rising star students at BMet are making their mark by inspiring leading employers in their role as board members for the Greater Birmingham Professional Services Academy (GBPSA).

Ahmad, Amaan, Amanah and Cameron who are all studying a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business courses at BMet’s Matthew Boulton College, have been working with the GBPSA since last February.

The GBPSA is a consortium of employers – BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Deloitte, Gateley, KPMG and Lloyds Bank – who have been working with BMet for nearly 10 years. The alliance works to enrich the curriculum and to give BMet students the chance to develop their skills, so they are ready to progress into employment or further studies at a higher level.

Oliver Stokes, Director for Business, Creative and Law at BMet said: “It is essential that we have student representation on both the strategic and operational boards. The purpose of the GBPSA is to support the college with a number of factors, such as delivering themed workshops to support skill development with the intention of bridging the gap between our talented students and employers.

“Through the boards, we can also help inform our curriculum to give our students the best opportunity to move to positive destinations on completion of their studies. As a board, we felt that it was essential that our students have a voice and provide valuable input into how the GBPSA shapes their college experience and maximise opportunities for them and future BMet students.”

Among other things, the student board members provide employer panels with feedback on sessions, offer input on how the curriculum should look to engage students effectively and act as a voice to develop and grow the GBPSA.

Most recently, the students have helped design a mentoring programme, that will allow BMet students to engage in 1-2-1 mentoring and gain work experience with the GBPSA partners – in a range of functional areas including finance, marketing, human resource and many more.

The students have had a rewarding experience so far and feel empowered to connect with key local, national, and international employers, who can play a vital role in helping students to achieve their career goals.

Speaking of their roles and associated opportunities so far, this is what the students had to say:

Amaan: “I am so pleased that my tutors at BMet helped me not only engage with my business course, but also encouraged me to become part of the GBPSA.

“Being on the board is bringing so many rewarding and positive outcomes for me. I am getting a chance to network with people who may be my and BMet students’ future employers, which otherwise probably wouldn’t have happened.

“I feel that all these opportunities will enable me to pursue and reach my dream of working within fashion marketing, after I later do a degree!”

Ahmad: “This whole experience has been phenomenal. I have had a chance to meet and network with key decision makers outside of college, who can meet BMet students career aspirations.

“Through being a part of the board, I am gaining a significant amount of inside knowledge, skills and abilities that I know that will be invaluable to me in my future.

“I later want to go to university and be a marketing director and feel that the experience I’m gaining through the GBPSA is helping me get one step closer to reaching my goals!”

Cameron: “I feel that being part of the GBPSA and the board has been so enriching and a good fit for me. My experiences will help advance me when I later plan to do a level 6-degree apprenticeship in financial services with KPMG.

“I am so proud to be part of an initiative that can create significant and positive change for BMet and its students. It was particularly good that employers listened to our student voices and are seriously taking note of what we say.

Amanah: “I feel great knowing that I was given this chance, as it will open life changing opportunities for students’ future roles.

“I’ve been able to communicate with companies who work with the college and to explain why it will be an exceptional opportunity for students to work with them and bring success to their businesses.

“Working with the Board will advance me towards my future and will help with future job applications!”

You can find out more about the GBPSA on BMet’s website












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