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BMet’s environment-friendly initiatives lead to third place finish in national Planet Earth Games

Students at BMet College have officially proven that the environment and sustainability are top of their agenda, by gaining a third-place finish in the national Planet Earth Games.

The annual competition challenges students from across the UK to test their knowledge of the environment and sustainability, by looking for activities to reduce our impact on the environment.

BMet students from curriculum areas including business & accounts, drama, engineering, foundation learning and uniformed public services successfully completed a variety of challenges.

These included setting up an environmental pledge board, promoting cycling and public transport, planting trees, using food banks and establishing a student committee on reducing carbon footprints.

These initiatives have helped to raise awareness of environmental sustainability among BMet’s student community and encouraged them to take concrete steps towards supporting the college’s drive towards sustainability.

Planet Earth Games

Here is a more detailed summary of BMet’s initiatives:

  • Environmental pledge board: The college set up an environmental pledge board, which invited students to make a pledge towards reducing their carbon footprint and adopting more sustainable practices. This initiative helped to raise awareness among the student community about the importance of environmental sustainability and encouraged them to take concrete steps towards achieving it.
  • Promotion of cycling: The college organised regular cycling trips to Sutton Park, which is a large public park located in the vicinity of the college. This initiative not only helped to reduce the carbon footprint of students, but also promoted healthy living and physical activity.
  • Promotion of public transport: The college encouraged students to use public transport, particularly trains, to come to college. This initiative also helped to reduce the carbon emissions associated with commuting and encouraged students to adopt more sustainable practices in their daily lives.
  • Tree planting: The college took up tree planting as a means of promoting environmental sustainability. Students were actively involved in planting trees in and around the college campus, which not only helped to reduce the carbon footprint of the institution, but also contributed to the overall environmental health of the area.
  • Use of food banks: The college encouraged students to donate surplus food to local food banks, which helped to reduce food wastage and the carbon emissions associated with transporting food over long distances.
  • Student committee on reducing carbon footprints: The college also established a student committee on reducing carbon footprints, which was tasked with developing and implementing strategies to promote sustainability within the institution. The committee worked closely with college management and staff to identify areas where improvements could be made and to develop concrete action plans to achieve sustainability goals.

If this wasn’t enough, BMet’s engineering team designed and produced trophies using recycled materials.

Planet Earth Games

Speaking of BMet’s success, Jason Allen, Department Director for Business & Professional, Sport and Apprenticeships at the college, said: “The judging panel were impressed with BMET’s commitment to creating legacy projects and recognised that BMET students scored highly on Carbon Neutral activities.

“We are already planning for 2023-24 and hope that this 3rd place finish nationally can be the platform for more students to take on the challenge.

“The team’s success this year in the Planet Earth Games is a testament to their hard work and dedication. They are passionate about environmental issues and are committed to making a difference in the world.

“The team’s success is also a reflection of the BMet’s commitment to sustainability.”

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