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BMet student exhibition brings environmental sustainability to life at The Botanical Gardens

Visitors to Birmingham’s Botanical Gardens can now view the artistic creativity of BMet students via a “Botanical forms” exhibition, which uses sustainable materials to highlight environmental needs.

Part of an industry placement with Level 2 Art and Design Students at Matthew Boulton College, the showcase highlights their innovative work inspired by their collaboration with the leading bio-diverse natural environment.

To mark National Work Experience Week, the Lord Mayor of Birmingham, Chaman Lal and his wife, Lady Mayoress, Vidya Wati, had a private view of the exhibition this week.

Over the course of four months, students delved deep into the realm of “botanical forms”, conducting extensive research, studies and hands-on-creation to work on their live brief.

Following visits to the Botanical Gardens, students embraced the challenge of using only the colour white and exclusively incorporating recycled materials or paper into their creations.

As stated by The Botanical Gardens: The students’ artwork beautifully encapsulates the intricate three-dimensional qualities of botanical elements, meticulously crafted using sustainable paper materials. From delicate petals to intricate foliage, each piece on display is a testament to the students’ dedication to both their craft and the environment.

Students gain work experience at The Botanical Gardens  Students gain work experience at The Botanical Gardens

Tracey Jones, Deputy Department Manager and Course Leader for Art and Design at Matthew Boulton College said:

“Working with The Botanical Gardens has provided our students with a hands-on journey into the world of work. From collaborating with professionals, peers and teaching staff to drawing inspiration from such beautiful surroundings, it’s been an enriching experience nurturing invaluable skills and encouraging innovation and creativity.

“The work presented is the result of another successful live project brief, where approximately 315+ hours were spent experimenting and exploring their ideas.

“By utilising paper as their primary medium, our students not only showcase their creativity, but also advocate for sustainability in art and design.”

Anna Jackson, Deputy Principal at BMet, who also attended the launch of the student exhibition said:

“I was fortunate to be able to attend the captivating exhibition and I am really pleased with what our hardworking and talented students have achieved.

“Through their artwork, our learners have inspired both fellow students and exhibition attendees to embrace eco-conscious practices in their own artistic endeavours, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the natural world and the importance of preserving it for future generations.

“Not only is this a very impressive showcase of student work, but it was lovely seeing the students articulate their experience and work with pride to visitors, including their families and the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress of Birmingham.”

The exhibition serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative potential of art in promoting environmental stewardship and fostering creative solutions to global challenges. The fusion of art and nature are celebrated via the exhibition, where every piece tells a unique story of the delicate forms found in our natural surroundings.

By exploring The Botanical Gardens gallery, visitors can be inspired by the students’ innovative approach to artistic expression and environmental consciousness.

Here is what some of Matthew Boulton’s art and design students had to say about their industry placement.

Sam: “It was lovely to work on the paper sculptures for the botanical gardens. I never thought I could get to see my artwork in an exhibition at The Botanical Gardens and I am thankful for this experience.”

Josh: “I found it really interesting to work with my teachers and other students to figure out where each piece of the display needed to go, as the space we had was unexpectedly big in size! It was challenging, but overall this has been a great experience”

Manal: “I focused on utilising the beauty of flowers to bring my art to life. I used tissue paper mainly and used a range of artistic techniques to create my finished product. I want to be an interior designer in the future and feel that I have acquired knowledge and skills which will be useful for this career. I am thankful to my teachers who have supported me along the way.”

BMet offers horticulture courses at The Botanical Gardens, as well as our Sutton Coldfield College site. You can find out more on our website.


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