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Pre-Access to Science

Level 2 - Intermediate

Pre-Access to Science

The Pre-Access course in science is designed to help learners make an informed choice about a career in science. Achievement of these qualifications could act as progression towards the Access to HE Diploma.  

The aims of the qualifications are to enable learners

·        To promote the skills required for learner self-confidence and further study

·        To encourage learners to consider a career in science

·       To reward the achievement of learners for the skills that they have developed.


These qualifications are aimed at learners who are 25 + and want to update or develop skills in personal development and in science to equip them to go onto further study or work in the Science sector.



Matthew Boulton College



* Courses are free for 16-18s. Students aged 19 or over could be charged fees and is subject to a fee assessment. Learners on benefits in the majority of cases courses are also free. Fee assessments are completed at enrolment.

Course Length: 34 Weeks

A grade 3 in GCSE English and Maths and must be working towards a Grade 4 confirmed by an active enrolment in GCSE English and Maths programme.

No formal Science qualification is required however should demonstrate an in interest in science which will be assessed through interview process.

Applicants will also undertake an initial assessment in English and Maths to gauge the current working level and to establish a clear starting point.

The qualifications consist of a collection of optional units covering a wide range of organisational contexts.  The classroom-based teaching will be over 1.5 days and will start in September and complete in Mid -June.


To achieve the Level 2 Extended Certificate learners must achieve a minimum of 25 credits, with a minimum of 7 credits from the Personal and Social Development optional units and a minimum of 18 credits from the optional units. At least 13 credits must be at Level 2. The mandatory units will help learners to develop skills through Academic Writing and Scientific Research Project. Through optional units all learners will be able to get basic concepts and skills in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which will provide a smooth transition to the level 3 programme.


All units are internally assessed through the learner building up a portfolio of evidence that covers the relevant assessment criteria, internally assessed, and verified by the centre and then externally verified by Ascentis.

The course is designed primarily to support onward progression on to our 1 Year Access to Higher Education courses in preparation for university entry. This will offer successful applicants in the course to progress to university in two years.

Our Access to Higher Education course is only available to 19+ Adult learners and designed to bridge the gap between Level 2 /GCSE and Degree level study and are recognised by majority of UK Universities and degree course.

Through our Access to HE in Science you could progress to study a wide range of science – related HE courses : Physiotherapy, Radiography, Biological science, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Chemistry, Forensic Sciences, Podiatry, Nursing , Veterinary nursing , Midwifery, Optometry, audiology, Physical associate, Clinical science  and employment in these sectors.

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