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BMet students going through a tough time can now access free online support with Togetherall.

Whether you’re struggling to sleep, feeling low, stressed or unable to cope, Togetherall can help you get support, take control and feel better.

You will have access to a 24/7 online global community and professional support from trained professionals. This platform provides a safe space online to get things off your chest, explore your feelings, get creative and learn how to self-manage your mental health and wellbeing. They’ve been providing support since 2007!

Within the community you are anonymous to other members and your personal information is kept secure while you are on the site. BMet will not be informed if you’ve signed up to Togetherall or know of your activity on the service unless they are seriously concerned about your safety.

Most members report feeling better and more able to cope with their workloads as a result of using the service and nearly 65% use Togetherall outside of a typical weekday 9am-5pm.

Click here to read 5 ways Togetherall helps students.

What can I do on Togetherall?

  • Get things off your chest anonymously with the global community of people experiencing similar issues
  • Express how you’re feeling with words and images
  • Learn practical skills to help you cope better
  • Take self-assessments and monitor your progress
  • Join group courses on topics such as stress, problem solving and negative thinking.

For those already using this platform you will see a homepage feed has now been introduced, members will hand-select categories of particular interest, feel or experience, the feed will then show all relevant content from the community, resources and courses.

Members can also view a brick explorer, this showcases all bricks that have been created on the platform on a wall, members can navigate around the wall and engage with each individual brick. Pus the mood picker has also been enhanced.

How can I join?

Togetherall has already helped more than 220,000 people in and is now available free for BMet students.

To join us, simply go to and sign up under ‘I’m from a university or college’ with your academic email address – once you’ve signed up you’ll pick an anonymous username, which is how you’re known on the site.


See Togetherall’s privacy statement here.

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