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Prince’s Trust


What is stopping you getting on in your life?

Aged 16-25? No qualifications? No experience? Little or no self-confidence?

Do you want to move on and widen your opportunity to become more employable in the future?

The Prince’s Trust Team Programme can help. During a 12 week course with BMet you can change your life and make a difference to others.

What makes the Prince’s Trust Team Programme different?

  • You can develop and implement practical solutions to real situations- not classroom based learning!
  • It will bring together people of different abilities, circumstances and backgrounds.
  • You can contribute directly to your local community.
  • It will lead to nationally recognised qualifications up to level 2 in Prince’s Trust Certificate Employment, Teamwork and Community Skills Certificate in Food Safety.
  • You will get the opportunity to create your own development plans and self-assessments.

The Prince’s Trust Team Journey

Throughout the 12 week course you will be supported by your Team Leader who will guide you through the experience. We have four different locations where we deliver Team to accommodate you. The 12 weeks will be up to you and you can chose what happens!

The Team is made up of around 12-15 people with a variety of different skills and backgrounds. You will get to meet new friends and share life experiences, which you will be able to take forward into your future.

Why do it?

You can develop and learn new skills such as communication, team leading, planning and problem solving. You will also be given the opportunity to raise your self-confidence, self-esteem and future aspirations.

12 Weeks – A Quick Overview

Day One: Meeting New People

It can be hard meeting new people, but everyone will be in the same situation. During the day you will get the opportunity to take part in a variety of activities in an informal environment. By the end of day one you really will feel part of things, and will have met new friends.

Week One: Take Action

During this week you will get the chance to set your own targets, or what you want to achieve with the support of your Team Leader. You will plan and prepare for your team building residential in week two, and be reminded of all the exciting activities and qualifications you will be able to achieve over the 12 weeks.

Week Two: Residential Week

In week two you will spend a week away in a completely new environment. You will be able to challenge yourself and raise your confidence. You will learn new ways to communicate and lead a team, as well as have great fun at the same time. After this week you will be working as part of a strong, bonded team, where you will be able to achieve greater things. You could do rock climbing, raft building and problem solving tasks.

Week Three-Six: The Community Project

During this part of the course you will get the chance to choose your own project that will make a real difference to your community. This will give you something different to talk about in an interview, and allow you stand out from the crowd. You will be able to explain how you can plan, fundraise and work as a real team player.

Weeks seven-eight: Work Placements

During these two weeks you can gain experience in a real work environment. This will be a choice that is yours, and you will be supported by your Team Leader all of the way. This will allow you to try new things, and give you some really useful skills and experiences to put onto your CV.

Week nine: Next Steps

You will spend a full week planning your options for the future. You will get the opportunity to construct an up-to-date CV, learn how to complete application forms, take part in interview workshops, and learn how body language is so important. You should have a clear direction of what you want to do next by the end of the week.

Weeks 10-11: Team Challenge

You will spend 2 weeks to plan, prepare and take part in team challenges. This will allow you to realise your team skills, and be involved in some exciting activities, where you can make a real difference to your community. How about organising a trip for a youth group to a football match at Aston Villa? Or taking a group of disadvantaged children to a theme park? The choice is yours!

Week 12: Have Your Say

In your final week, you’ll deliver a presentation to your friends and family as well as potential employers, and Prince’s Trust staff. This will be your chance to show off the skills you’ve gained over the last 12 weeks, and explain what you’ve been up to and what you plan to do in the future.

Course Dates
Delivery Team Start Date End Date Location Staff Contact
Team 128 17/7/17 6/10/17 Erdington Police Station Nicky – 07773 786530

Nat – 07815 884831

Team 129 21/8/17 10/11/17 Digbeth Police Station Mel – 07881 008 658

Kelly – 07775 540185

Team 130 4/9/17 24/11/17 James Watt College Charlotte – 07545 100 110
Team 131 18/9/18 8/12/17 Sutton Coldfield College Mike – 07967 679624
Team 132 7/8/17 27/10/17 Erdington Police Station Nat – 07815 884 831

Nicky – 07773 786530


Charlotte Montebello
Tel: 07545 100110

Further Information

Prince’s Trust website