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Meet Our Students

Want to know what it’s like to study at Kidderminster Academy? Want to get an insight into life at the college? There’s no better way to find out what’s great about studying with us than from the students themselves. Here are just a handful of our recent success stories …

Finn - Interactive Media Production

Finn describes The Academy as being an informal, relaxed environment. “My course is very hands on and everything is set out in a way that gives you time to explore lots of ideas and still finish your projects in good time,” he explained. “And if you do need more help, then the teachers will give this to you. There’s lots of one to one feedback available.”

Finn’s interest in the film industry has increased even more he started his course. “My projects so far have involved me making a music video and an advertisement for mobile phone products. This has been fun.

“The good thing about this course is that it isn’t just about teaching you film-making. We’ve also looked at the different jobs that people can do, such as being a microphone operator. There are roles out there I didn’t even know existed! It’s helpful to look at career paths and salaries so you’ve got a real direction to follow. I plan to carry on studying film at uni.”

Amy – Fashion and Clothing

For Amy, being at college gives her the chance to study fashion on her own terms.

“If I don’t have lessons then I can do research at home or go out looking for ideas,” she said. “I’d rather be inspired by discovering something for myself instead of seeing it in a magazine or on a computer.” Amy also enjoys her course because it offers a mixture of group activities and individual projects she can work on.

“I’m also studying English and maths and the help I’m getting is really coming through in my grades. I’ve always been into fashion, especially the design side so I’m hoping to carry on with this at uni.

“I’m still learning all the time. One of my first projects involved pattern and contrast. It combined natural curves with geometric building shapes and I designed a dress and trousers. I was really happy with what I achieved at the time, but now that I’m doing something else, I can see little changes I could do to make it better. It’s good to know I’m improving all the time.”

Thahsina - Food Preparation and Cooking

“I love getting the experience of making new foods for the public and working in the café with the friends I’ve met through the course.”

Thahsina was searching for catering courses online when she came across the food preparation and cooking course at Kidderminster Academy.

The course offered her the perfect match of being able to learn important hospitality skills, alongside getting the chance to learn how to make new foods and drinks on a daily basis.

Thahsina said, “I love getting the experience making new foods for the public and working in the café with the friends I’ve met through the course.

“Everyone in the course gets on so well which makes preparing and cooking food together even better.”

She is hoping to obtain an apprenticeship in hospitality once her course concludes and can’t wait to take the skills she has developed into the outside world.