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You’ve Got To Have Faith! Student Shout Out

Hundreds of students and staff took part in a variety of hands-on, interactive activities creating faith-inspired verse with local poet, Matt ‘man’ Windle, designing a large-scale piece of graffiti-artwork with Mohammed ‘aerosol’ Ali, as well as stitching together a fashion garment and arranging a song with instruments from different cultures from across the world. Students were also offered the opportunity to discuss ideas around faith and culture with local community and religious groups who attended the summit.

The event stimulated topical discussion and debate, focussing on the themes of friendship, tolerance and diversity. The day’s activities culminated in the creation of a huge window mosaic in the Student Common Room entitled a ‘Fusion of Light, A Fusion of Faith’.

Preeti Ohdar, studying for an Extended Diploma in Engineering at Matthew Boulton College, said: “I was pleased to see so many students taking part in the day and I was delighted that an idea I had put forward in a student committee meeting, for a multi-faith orchestra, was enjoyed by fellow students. The event brought students from different cultures and faiths together and I think the whole day helped each person understand each other’s differences as well as similarities.”

Tony Dennant, Head of Matthew Boulton College, said: “Our Culture and Faith Summit was primarily to enrich learning and study programmes as well as giving students and staff time to explore the broad basis of faith and no faith through a range of thought-provoking interactive activities. It provided an ideal opportunity for us to celebrate the diversity of the many communities we represent in Birmingham.”

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