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New partnership set to enhance support for BMet apprentices

BMet has teamed up with cutting edge company Cognassist, to work together to provide further support to the learning needs of apprentices.

By partnering with Cognassist, the college is now able to further embrace neurodiversity and cognitive learning principles, through a unique and innovative approach.
The Cognassist platform is specifically designed to understand how learners think and learn.

Starting with a quick and effective initial assessment for all apprentices, anyone identified as benefitting from extra support will be able to access specialist help – all suited to their specific learning requirements.

Apprentices requiring support will benefit from mini tutorials, hints and tips on different topics – all accessible via a phone, tablet or computer.

Anyone recognised as being neurodiverse will be further helped through personalised learner journeys, with over 500 media-rich learning strategies available on the platform.

The partnership is set to further enhance learner attainment and to help apprentices to achieve their full potential via cognitive assessment and support.

Helen Cooper, Department Manager for Inclusive Support at BMet, said: “We are delighted to have the fantastic opportunity to bring Cognassist’s services to our students and teachers.

“It offers a unique and person-centred approach to finding real solutions for the learning needs of many of our apprentices, through rigorous early analysis and an individualised approach.

“We look forward to seeing the positive impact on our apprentices and to see them progressing within their desired careers and goals.”

The Cognassist digital cognitive assessment was developed from established tasks within the fields of neuropsychology and cognitive science, created to measure important thought processes.

The platform takes the results of the digital assessment and providers learners who have identified as neurodiverse, with monthly support strategies tailored to their course level and cognitive profile.

These support strategies will form part of the regular tutor check-ins with BMet apprentices, who will discuss how they have used the strategy to help them in work and learning.

BMet teaching staff, who have recently received specialist training on how to best use the platform, will work with students to access the platform.

Among other things, using Cognassist’s services will increase learner confidence and improve attainment rates with personal learning.

Other benefits for using Cognassist’s online platform include:

  • being able to identify learning needs in 30 minutes, with award-winning cognitive science technology
  • resources developed and personalised plans directed by a team of learning specialists
  • insights into reasonable adjustments required and activities likely to need support
  • maps for how learners think and where they’ll need support with tailored learning plans across their entire educational journey – from start to finish
  • being able to record support provided

Chris Quickfall, Founder and CEO, Cognassist said: “Last year, we uncovered the extent of neurodiversity among apprentices across the UK; 1 in 3 learners have a learning difficulty, many of which can be hidden and remain undiagnosed.

“I see cognitive differences as superpowers – as long as they are addressed and identified properly. With the right strategies in place, thinking and learning differently from other people can be an extremely powerful thing.

“The work that BMet and Cognassist are doing together really demonstrates that with the correct tools in place, educators can get the best out of each brain by understanding what can make it work smarter. All individuals can benefit from learning more about their own brain and should be empowered with enough support to achieve a fulfilling, successful career.”

To find out more about the ongoing support that is offered to BMet students, please visit our website:

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