Student welfare

At Birmingham Metropolitan College, we want to support and empower you to be independent, inspired, and challenged to develop both personally and academically.  

We do this by offering a broad range of support, activities and events alongside your academic or vocational programme of study.

Personal Tutors

All students have a Personal Tutor to support you during College life. You will be assigned a personal tutor when you join the College and they will provide regular support and guidance, monitoring your progress to ensure you fulfill your potential

Tutors provide support with both academic and pastoral issues and any issues or concerns that you have can be discussed with your tutor. 

Tutors also provide a link for parents into the college as well as working with subject staff to support students academically through tracking and monitoring and reporting home.


If you need additional support, you can contact a mentor at any point during your time at the College. The mentor scheme operates on a one-to-one basis and is designed to help identify and remove any barriers that might be stopping you from reaching your maximum potential.

The mentors offer support with study skills, motivation, and time management techniques, and they are committed to helping you overcome any issues you might encounter on the path to successful completion of your course. The mentors will support and motivate the learner to reach their potential by increasing their confidence and motivation.

Additional Support

If you have any concerns during your time at the College and you need to speak to someone in an emergency, you can contact Birmingham Samaritans who are available to listen 24 hours a day including weekends and bank holidays.

The Samaritans may have information which can help you move forward with whatever difficulty you present.  We would also encourage you to speak to a member of staff at the College at the earliest opportunity.